Circus Momentus does the Four Seasons!

Vern & Fallon, Four Seasons 9/27/12Yesterday, Circus Momentus took the Four Seasons (Palo Alto) by storm, in

Vanessa & Fallon, Four Seasons 9/27/12

 a winning combination of some of the Bay’s best circus performers, amazing organizational teamwork, and a beautiful corporate anniversary.  We were asked by the client to provide a classic circus look, a la “Water For Elephants”, so I (being in charge of wardrobe & props), did tons of fun research on fashions in the 30s – hairstyles, colors, textures, circus costumes of that era – I learned so many new things.  I was stoked to enter this challenge, and then put my own twist on it.

Kyle Johnson 1, Four Seasons, 9/27/12

The venue was gorgeous – a long water pool with fountains, picturesque streetlamps, elegant stretch-table cloths set on a diagonal, a luxurious green lawn, and manicured, manicured, manicured.  I have to say, it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been a part of.

We had such immense new talent – Kyle Johnson, internationally recognized (and Dubé sponsored) high-level and inventive juggler, who makes people who thought jugglers were just those people you hired to don a nose and silly bloomers at your kid’s birthday party realize that juggling can be a graceful thoughtful dance with Olympic-level tricks, Cynthia Aviance, the unequivocal stilting goddess, who is not only super engaging and has the endurance of a cross-country runner, but is unparalleled in the realms of general conversation and on-the-spot life biographies, and iNKa, the Bay Area’s premiere contortionist – mesmerizing, entrancing even, well-outfitted, and a dynamic display of discipline.

Fallon Loopy Hoop 2, Four Seasons 9/27/12

Even though I could sing the praises of our venue and performers for much longer than you’d be interested in listening, it comes down to this: never have I had a gig be so low-stress.  We were responsible for renting, setting up, and running all the lights, designing a particular look for the client, a last-minute cigar girl addition, and fitting it all back into our station wagon for returning it all from whence it was rented, and I actually really enjoyed myself.  I felt like it was work worth doing, and people worth doing the work with.  I blame the two main organizers – Vern, and our contact at the client company, are both very low-stress happy individuals, who made this memorable day smooth-sailing for all of us.  Let’s have more like this!  It’s going in a really good direction!

Kyle Johnson 2, Four Seasons, 9/27/12Fallon Loopy Hoop 1, Four Seasons, 9/27/12

If the photos here aren’t enough for you and you’d like to view more, check out photos of this event on our Facebook:

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